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Moody is under the St. Clair County School system which operates the following schools for the City of Moody:

St. Clair County Board of Education
401 Roy Drive
Ashville‚ AL 35953
(205) 594-7131
>Board of Education

Moody Elementary School
1006 H.L. Blocker Circle
Moody, AL 35004
Office: (205) 640-2180   Fax: (205) 640-4971
>Moody Elementary School

Moody Middle School
1010 H.L. Blocker Circle
Moody, AL 35004
Office: (205) 640-2190   Fax: (205) 640-7903
>Moody Middle School

Moody Jr. High School
600 High School Drive
Moody, AL 35004
Office: (205) 640-2040   Fax: (205) 640-3036
>Moody Jr. High School

Moody High School
714 High School Drive
Moody, AL 35004
Office: (205) 640-5127   Fax: (205) 640-2300
>Moody High School


Gathering Place Christian Academy
635 Park AVE
Moody, AL 35004
(205) 640-4442
>Gathering Place Christian Academy



Municipal Court
(205) 640-0313 or
(205) 640-0314
Department Heads
Department Heads
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Picture back row left to right:
Tracy Patterson City Clerk,
Police Chief Thomas Hunt,
Parks and Recreation Director
Mike Staggs, Librarian Patsy Spradley,
Fire Chief Joe Nobles & Public Works
Director Wayne Taylor
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