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Storm Water Management

The most common source of water pollution in the United States comes from storm water. Any exposed material on the Earth’s surface, including trash, debris, chemicals, silt, etc. is collected by storm water and drains directly to bodies of water, including those used for fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities. The City of Moody’s city limits fall within the Cahaba River Watershed, meaning that any rain that falls in Moody, and thus any material on the surface, ultimately drains to the Cahaba River.

The City of Moody is working with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to improve the water quality in our local streams and rivers. Implemented by numerous city departments, the City of Moody 2017 Storm Water Management Program Plan serves as a guideline for city employees on how to assist in this effort. However, Moody must also rely on the help of its citizens to minimize their individual impacts on storm water quality in order to help keep our waterways clean and healthy. We have provided helpful resources on our Outreach and Education Page that we encourage all citizens to become familiar with as a way to help in this effort. We have also included several other helpful links below.



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